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Exhibitor Manual

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Exhibitor Registration Form

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Please find the tools you need to prepare to exhibit at WCCS 2018 on this page. We look forward to welcoming you to WCCS 2018!


Exhibition Bump In / Bump Out Schedule

*Please check timings regularly as these timings are subject to change.
Exhibition Bump In

MOVE- IN SCHEDULE               Tuesday 14 august 2018

0600 – 1700

Harry the Hirer – Official Congress Stand Builder access

1000 – 1700

Custom Stand Contractor Build (access only for those constructing/building stands not exhibiting company employees dressing stands)

MOVE IN SCHEDULE                Wednesday 15 August 2018


Exhibition staff access to dress stands


Finalising and cleaning of stands. All stands must be completed by 1600


Exhibition Open / Delegate Afternoon Tea Break

Exhibition Bump Out

MOVE-OUT SCHEDULE            Saturday 18 August 2018


1030 – 1200

Exhibition FINAL CLOSE

Exhibitors to remove promotional items from stand walls and personal items from furniture. Package and label goods for collection by appointed courier company.


Courier and freight contractors allowed entry to pick-up goods being removed from stands.  


Stand contractors access to dismantle stands and other equipment.

NOTE: Please ensure all valuable items are removed from hire furniture and all posters are removed from walls by 1200 on Saturday 18 August 2018. Items remaining in the exhibition area after this time may be freighted off-site at the expense of the exhibitor or disposed of by the venue.

Confirmed Exhibitors 

Company  Booth # 
Rigon Headwear 1
Sonic Healthcare 9
FotoFinder Systems GmbH 10
Kossard Dermopathologists 11
Ego Pharmaceuticals 12
Heine Australia 13
Macquarie Medical Systems  15
Roche 16 & 21
Team Medical Supplies 22
Merck/ Pfizer Alliance  27 & 34
Canfield Scientific Inc.  25
Bristol Myers Squib 28
The Australian College of Dermatologists  36
MSD 38, 39, 46 & 47 
Elekta 50
Sun Pharma ANZ  51 & 52
Novartis  54

Key Dates

Full Payment Due: NOW DUE
Exhibitor Registration Due: 1 August
Public liability form  Due: 15 July
Indemnity form Due: 15 July
Deliveries to ICC 14 August
Bump-in 14 August
Bump-out 18 August