Congress Program

The Scientific Program will feature invited and keynote speakers, Satellite Symposia sessions and electronic posters.  The National Organising Committee is currently developing the Congress Scientific Program which will guide our approach to the management of non-melanoma and melanoma cancers of the skin. 

WCCS 2018 is ACRRM accredited

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Preliminary Program

Download the WCCS 2018 Preliminary Program in PDF format.

General Practitioner/Primary Care Physician:

Basic Skin Surgery

Topic 1: Basic procedures:Biopsy, Cryotherapy, Curette, Intralesional Steroids
Topic 2: Non-Surgical Management of Skin Cancer
Speaker: Shivam Kapla

Tips for Good Cosmesis
Speaker: Robert Gotkin

Miscellaneous Flaps: Pull through Flaps,Two Stage Interpolation Flaps: Paramedian Forehead, Nasolabial, Ear Rim
Speaker: Edward Upjohn

Primary Prevention of Skin Cancer

Sunscreen and Vitamin D
Speaker: Anika Smith

Topic 1: Strategies for Triaging Patients: The Risk Algorithm
Topic 2: Sunscreen Use and Melanoma Risk in Young Australian Adults
Speaker: Anne Cust

Protect Your Skin – NSW Coordinated Approach to Being Sun Safe
Speaker: Alice Killen

Management of High Risk Early Stage Melanoma

SNB; Current SN Practice at MIA Mapping, SPECT, Integrated USS
Speaker: Andrew Spillane

Speaker: Alexander Menzies


Basic Dermoscopy

Dermoscopic Algorithms for Diagnosis of Melanoma and Rationale for Starting with the 3 Point Checklist
Speaker: Benjamin Carew

Amelanotic Melanoma and other Pink Skin Lesions
Speaker: Victoria Mar

Melanoma Diagnosis with Dermoscopy and Confocal Microscopy

Advanced Dermoscopy and Confocal microscopy for the diagnosis of macules of the face
Speaker: Helena Collgros

Advanced Dermoscopy and Optical coherence tomography for BCC
Speaker: Arthur Martin 

Dermoscopy and Histopathological Correlations
Speaker: Peter Soyer 


Dermatologic Toxicity of Systematic Therapy

Classic Chemotherapy
Speaker: Cathy Zhao

Psoriasiform Eruptions in the Context of Anti-Melanoma Immunotherapy
Speaker: Rose Liu 


Non-Surgical Skin Cancer

Phos-istos Clinical Trial: A New Solution for PDT of Actinic Keratoses Without Pain
Speaker: Rolf-Markus Szeimies

Efficacy of a Topical Hedgehog Inhibitor for Treatment and Prevention of BCC in Gorlin Syndrome: A Phase 2 Randomized Controlled Trial of Topical Patidegib
Speaker: Catherine Howard

Computer Models/New Technologies

Dermatologist Versus Machine – A Study on Automated Three – Dimensional Skin Imaging With Remote Evaluation Compared to Physical Examination
Speaker: Louise Photiou

Sonography: A Tool to Assist in the Assessment of Skin Cancers and to Monitor Nodal Metastases in Melanoma
Speaker: Olivia Charlton

Novel Use of an Adjunctive Skin Cancer Assessment Tool Utilising Elastic Scattering Spectroscopy and Machine Learning
Speaker: Michael Bonning